Commmunity-Based Research

SPC-Peel conducts research on different population groups and related social issues in Peel. For more details, click here .

Community Development

SPC-Peel works with communities, social service providers, funders, public policy-makers and other community stakeholders to address social issues in Peel, including the development of new services, coordination of services, changing public policies, etc. For more details, click here .

Capacity Building For Small And Emerging Non-Profits

SPC-Peel works with small non-profits, emerging non-profits and citizen-based groups to help them develop their organizational capacity and carry out their community projects. For more details, click here .

Diversity, Gender-Based Analysis And Social Inclusion

SPC-Peel has over 15 years of research and training experience in the field of diversity management. For more details, click here

Fiscal Sponsorship

SPC-Peel acts as a fiscal sponsor for the projects of small non-profit organizations and community groups. For more details, click here .

Consulting Services

The SPC-Peel supports the development of community agencies and groups by providing them with services related to their organizational development and their programs and services. For more details click here .