SPC-Peel conducts research on different population groups in Peel Region and related social issues from a social justice perspective. For more details, click here.

1. Population Characteristics and Social Indicators

SPC-Peel conducts research on different population groups and related social issues in Peel. This project includes the preparation of fact sheets on selected population groups and social issues based on the most recent census data. The fact sheets are useful for those (e.g., non-profit organizations, collaboratives, citizen groups, funders, local politicians, governments, etc.) involved in policy and decision-making, the development of programs and services, advocacy, public education, community development, etc.

2. Providing Research Support for Neighbourhood Development

SPC-Peel works with local communities to identify and address social issues related to those communities, to develop social programs, and to provide information and critical analysis for various community projects and initiatives.

  • Provision of research services for neighborhood development projects and initiatives in Peel.
  • Application of quality of life indicators in different Peel neighborhoods
  • Ongoing collection of case studies on Neighborhood Development in various jurisdictions (inside and outside of Peel)

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3. Community Research Repository for Peel

The purpose of this project is to establish an online Community Research Repository for Peel. The repository will contain many research studies and other information related to population groups, community development, and the human services sector in Peel. The repository builds on the SPC Peel's existing on-line holdings of Peel studies, reports, statistics, etc. The information in the repository is not confined to that produced by SPC-Peel. It includes information (reports, statistics, etc.) produced by a wide range of service organizations, community groups, funders and government in Peel Region plus links to other relevant sources of information. Researchers, service providers, funders, and others in Peel can deposit their research reports and related information into the repository. Anyone in the community will be able to access the repository.

4. The Experience of Citizens in Peel who Receive Income Support from Ontario Works and ODSP

The purpose of this project is to provide support for changes to Ontario Works and ODSP that would improve the quality of life for residents who receive income support from Ontario Works Peel and from the Ontario Disabilities Support Program. The project involves consultation with residents in receipt of the income support mentioned and subsequent meetings and discussions with the appropriate government officials and managers to recommend changes in policy and procedures regarding Ontario Works and ODSP

5. Response to Individual Requests for Information about the Peel Population and Social Issues in Peel.

The SPC responds on a daily basis to individual requests from citizens, students, groups, organizations and funders for information about different population groups, neighborhoods, and social issues in Peel. This includes provision of in-house information and referrals to other sources of information. To make a request, please email datarequest@spcpeel.com