The SPC-Peel works on Region-wide social change and planning initiatives in partnership with non-profit agencies, community groups, faith groups, environmental organizations, the Police, School Boards, government agencies, funders, and the business community.

1. A Survey of Pension Plans in Peel's Non-Profit Sector Funded By New Horizons for Seniors Program Completed

The purpose of this project is to identify the extent to which non-profit agencies in Peel's human services sector provide support for their employees in retirement. The activities include a review of the literature on pensions in the non-profit sector, an on-line survey of non-profit agencies, and a community forum with non-profit service providers.

2. Cyberviolence Against Girls and Young Women in Peel: Gender-Based Needs Assessment Safe City Mississauga Funded By Status of Women Canada Completed

Safe City Mississauga has initiated this project to better understand the prevalence of cyber violence in Mississauga and collaborate with community partners and young women to establish a strategy that prevents and eliminates cyber violence and addresses institutional barriers. SPC-Peel's role in the project is to prepare a Gender-Based Needs Assessment Report to determine the nature, extent and impact of cyber violence on girls and young women in Peel.

3. Blueprint Project, Theme 3: Increasing Womens Involvement as Decision-Makers in Community-Based Organizations Funded by Status of Women Canada Completed

The main objective of this project is to increase the participation of visible minority women in Peel in leadership and decision-making roles in community-based organizations. The Venus Leadership Mentoring Project (VLMP) has been developed as the primary vehicle to achieve this objective.

4. UTM Safety Audit Major Project Partners: Interim Place and University of Toronto Mississauga (UTM); Funded By Status of Women Canada - Completed

The purpose of the project is to develop and implement a strategy to prevent and reduce gender-based violence on the University of Toronto Mississauga (UTM)'s campus. The SPC Peel's contribution to the project is to conduct research on the safety of young women on the UTM campus. This includes conducting a Gender-Based Analysis (GBA) of Women's Safety at UTM and an exploratory or preliminary safety audit of the physical aspects of the campus.

5. Financial Management Training Support Funded by Community Foundation of Mississauga Completed

The purpose of the project is to develop the financial management capacity of more than 20 new and emerging non-profit agencies in Mississauga. The practical objective of the project is to enable the agencies to develop the skills, knowledge and confidence necessary for the financial management of their organizations. The project consists of financial management training sessions and one-on-one coaching.

6. Developing the Capacity of Small and Emerging Non-Profit Agencies and Groups in Peel Funded By Ontario Trillium Foundation - Completed

This three-year project provided over 20 new and emerging non-profit agencies and groups in Peel with training, mentoring and one-on-one coaching in the area of non-profit management. A formal training program was developed and delivered by professionals in the non-profit sector, lawyers and accountants. A mentor was provided to each of the participating agencies. One-on-one coaching was also provided to each of the participating agencies in the project.